Sunday, September 09, 2007

R&R Update

The Salty One suggests I went out too fast last week. And to be fair, the result backs up her assessment.

However, I felt the effort was 'right' on target. I felt I could sustain it for the duration of the race. What I failed to mention is that as I approached the first long and deceivingly tough hill, I backed off on the effort. I thought I could make it up on the downhills. The real problem was that I never regained any momentum I had during the first two miles. I even walked short sections of tougher hills, thinking - again- that I was saving precious energy I was going to need to finish strongly. Yes, I raced it poorly; but it was due more to indecision, or better yet, to the lack of better judgment than ability.

And if you're interested, the winner was a French soldier... in 1:22:XX... The highest US runner came in 14th.

This morning's long run had me gasping for air at the pedestrian 8:10 pace. I actually had to cut short the planned 17 to eight. It was ridiculous. I suspect it was the quick ramp up into the 50s. I ran zero miles four weeks ago, 46 the next, 30 the week before the race. If you do the math, I averaged 25 mpw in those three weeks. This week I ran 54... and I think it is my body's way of rebelling, or at the very least of telling me to not ramp up as quickly as I have. Regardless, it's too late. I will try to maintain the 50+ mile-weeks in the weeks to come.

Signing off... for now.


The Salty One said...

Yeah, you didn't have a plan. That can get you in the race when you feel like crap. It allows your brain to make up all kinds of stuff that keeps you from focusing and performing well. So next time have a plan (and don't go out so darn fast :)

Oh, and just keep plugging along with the mileage. You'll catch up to it and feel better in a week or so. Don't increase it again though until you're handling the 50's comfortably!

And thanks for your vote of confidence! Mrp did do well in the race--especially for hardly training! He's definitely in good enough shape to pace me in my marathon, no?! Heh. He drives me nuts the way he can more or less jog all week (he's pretty much jogging when he paces my workouts too!) and then still do pretty well (i.e. kick my butt) in races. He's not in pr shape, but all he needs is about 6 weeks of tuning and he'd be back in business. He's planning to train over winter so I'm excited to see what he can do this Spring!

E-Speed said...

Hope you adapt to the mileage quickly. You'll have a plan for your next big race and you'll crush it I'm sure!