Friday, March 18, 2005

Mickey and I... 2004??? Posted by Hello

Hopkinton, April 2004... I would eventually lose my singlet in this race... argh! Posted by Hello

My princess sometime in 2003... Oh and Iris is there too :-) Posted by Hello

Isabella and Iris.... aren't they beautiful? 2002??? Posted by Hello

the 'gang'... same game in 2003 Posted by Hello

The 'Gang' at doger stadium... sometime in mid 2003. Ale, Adrian and Iris. Posted by Hello

Iris and I in downtown Guadalajara...circa June 2004 Posted by Hello

Iris and I relaxin at the westin-regina cancun last November (2004) Posted by Hello

This is the half-way point in the Boston Marathon 2004... I went on to one of my worst finishes with a 4:12 time. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Hello - I am the fifth sun... if you're aware of aztec mythology, you probably know where this name comes from, if not... you can always do research :-b