Saturday, September 15, 2007


My goal race is quickly approaching. And, alas, my training program is quickly deteriorating. I have found cutting long runs short and not running tempo runs. The quality in my program is almost non-existent. Not only that, but I am having trouble finding the gumption to run 50 mile weeks. Obviously, it has me doubting I can achieve my goal come December 2, even when I already lowered it from sub 3:10 to sub 3:16. What can I say? - I am a published underachiever :-) Now, self doubt is one of them things that come up in my life quite often. To contradict myself, I think I may still get lucky and pull it off.

You see, the course is advertised as being fast. The first 10 miles are rolling, and the remainder of the course is said to have a mild descent for a net drop in elevation of 300 feet. OTOH, I have ran Boston four times and that course is not a 'fast' course even though it drops 500 feet in elevation. The Newton hills are to blame, and although the hills are neither steep nor particularly difficult, it has been written that it's their location that makes them 'tough.' I remember the first time I ran it and somewhere around 16.5 and after mostly mild downhill running, I hit the first hill and my quads quickly protested. It would not be until my fourth try that I would succeed in running through them without walking breaks.

I know the Boston course. I don't know the CIM course and profiles shown on race websites do not always tell the whole story. Am I setting an excuse up for not coming in at the desired time? Most likely.

CIM Course Profile

My plan is to run the first 10 miles in 7:30-7:35 pace, then picking it up to 7:20 and if feeling strong running the last 6.2 in 45 minutes. I know completing long training runs will be crucial to me being able to run faster while fatigued. Now lets see if 'I' can get over my distaste of long solo runs and get with the program.

Stay tuned.


Fran said...

YOu never know what the race day magic might bring.

I looked at CIM as a possible marathon back a few months ago since the timing is just about perfect if I don't run well at the end of Septmber. The reviews seemed to indicate that the rolling hills can be a bit of a killer for those not used to them.

You've still gotta a good solid two months to get where you want to be. Good luck!

Sempre Libera said...

Doing all those long runs solo - no wonder you're having trouble putting in the miles! That's tough, but you're still quite a ways out from race day and I think things may look up yet.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I've heard about CIM is that it has the potential to waste your quads towards the end cause of the downhill: happened to a good friend of mine who was looking to break 2:40--he was on pace to run 2:35, and then mile 20 and the cramping, and...

He might be the unusual example, but don't take those downhills too hard at the start. That said, it can be a really fast course