Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Very Significant Emotional Moment

Because my running life here is rather boring, I will tell you something that happened to me Tuesday last. I had to go and help out giving humanitarian aid to the local population. Because the villages were rather remote, we were flown in helicopters. The flights went pretty smooth, except when we were about to land back *home*. The pilots circled around with some significant banking and I guess it was then that I dropped a *sensitive item* that contained 15 golden nuggets. I never heard it drop because I was wearing earplugs.

I exited the aircraft not knowing I was missing something. However, later on I was invited to go to dinner to a local restaurant. It was then that I realized IT was missing. My face must have looked ashen, even though I am olive skinned. I knew I was in deep sh*t. I had just experienced a VSEM, or very significant emotional moment.

I had to file a report and what not. Luckily, it was found in the aircraft later that night. Regardless, it made for a sleepless night. A night that had me thinking about running ads. Go figure.

One of the ads that I created has 50-cent performing 'Born to Run' by Bruce Springsteen, with a hip-hop tune in the background, of course. The ad is in black-and-white. There are two runners, one male and one female, cruising the streets of NYC. Chatting without a worry in their minds. They pass a huge billboard with the SHOE and its brand clearly in color. As they're running, the shoes are highlighted in a neon color. They stop and face the camera. I was born to run he says. So was I, she says. Were you born to run? They both ask in unison. The ad closes with the billboard and a question: Are you a runner?

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