Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Inspiration and Sundry

Today I was to run 9 miles easy. My plan was to run at 7 pm, roughly two hrs after supper. As I am about to exit my room, the sky is falling and I decide to bag the run. I then started reading a couple of posts from The Salty One and got to read her Boston Report and after reading it, I was left with no option but to get off my big butt and run the niner I had on the menu, for I was so inspired I felt I could tear the asphalt into gravel.

I left at 8:30pm and I ran them in just under 8 mpm pace. Not terribly fast. So what's the big deal you ask? Lemme 'splain. I ran 40 miles three weeks ago, 18 two weeks ago, and only 4 last week. My weeks are from Sunday-to-Saturday. So far I have ran 27 miles and with this renewed inspiration I should hit 48 this week. Not bad, huh? I know, I know. This a recipe for disaster, but after reading Salty's gut-wrenching report, that is the least I can do. Next week, my weekly volume should hover in the 50s.

Now for the sundry part. I have been considering going back to school for some time. Having worked in the Civil Engineering field was fine until I moved into the Project Management area. I like solving problems; no, let me re-phrase that: I LOVE solving problems. BUT, I guess being a PM for a Public Agency was not the ideal place for me to be. So I quit one year before I was to go on my 'forced' sabbatical with the Army.

The good thing about my job with the Army is that my office is in the Hospital and I get to interact with Doctors. I am sure you know where this is going. Once I get back to the States I will be going back to school, complete the necessary pre-reqs and apply to Med School. That's right I want to become an MD. A running MD at that.

And.... if I get injured from the rather quick ramp-up, my office is right next to the Physical Therapist, who happens to be my friend ;o)



The Salty One said...

My goal in life is to make other people feel guilty :) Running 48 mpw should be ok if you've held steady there recently. I'm going from mid-40's to mid-50's this week and then next month I'll hold steady around 65 for a while. Just be sure to give your body a break as it readjusts to the heavier load if it needs it.

Congrats on making a big decision. My uncle came back from the Peace Corp and took his pre-reqs and then went to medical school becoming a doctor at age 42! Best of luck with that!!

Quinto Sol said...

Before the DANCON I was running 40 mpw on 'good' weeks. I have ran in the mid-50s way back when, so my body knows the stress.

Will be prudent with quality, as it has been my experience that TOO much 'quality' leads to an injury.

Thanks for the kind words...