Monday, June 09, 2008

One More Time

I have owned Pfitzinger-Douglas' Advanced Marathoning for several years but had not read it, just skimmed through it. Now that I have read it, I will give its 18-week schedule (70 miles or less) a try.

When I was training for CIM, I used the FIRST program and it worked for me. I really liked the flexibility of the schedule as I could switch days or move workouts forward or backward and fill the other days with easy runs or x-training. The problem is that the quality runs are really tough and take a bit too much from me.

Sooo... right now I am concentrating in building up volume. Take today as an example. I tried running the eight miles without looking at my watch for feedback. I did peek at the turn arund point (33:18) and was mildly disappointed at the slowish split. I tried really hard maintaining the same effort as in the out section but I may have subconsciously picked up the effort without being aware as the second half; and I had, as a result, a more gratifying split, 31:16 (7:49 pace) - with the last mile run in 7:34. One thing I did like about this run was that I thoroughly enjoyed it; suffice it to say that I will try more of these runs where I will not look at my watch and run by feel.

Happy running you all.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Let me know what you think of the Pfitz plan. I'm going with the 18 week 55 mile plan!

yumke said...

Hey, I'm doing the 70 / 18week right now too, in the third week. I do like Pfitzinger, having used the 55/18 or 12 the last two marathons. It'll be interesting once the miles pile up close to 70..

Quinto Sol said...

Uptown Girl - Most people seem to prefer this plan. I like the fact that it has little speed work as THAT one quality workout always leaves me worn a bit too much. I'll see on November 2nd, where I am hoping I can get to taste one of your famous cookies :-)

Yumke - From reading your blog, I can tell you that you will have no problem whatsoever in the 70/18.

yumke said...

I'm still getting used to long runs in the middle of the work week. That's the hardest, scheduling around your life.

Mindi said...

I am a big believer in the Pfitz method. I have followed it several times with great success. I am actually trying to follow the 18/55 program for Fall, but am unsure how to fit in those mid week long runs without sacrificing sleep or valuable time with my kids....that is the challenge.

Mindi said...

As far as the 70/18 goes, I did it last fall and I think he builds the schedule well. I was apprehensive going into it, but strong as hell coming out. If I had not gone back to work this spring I was going to do his over 70 (up to 90) schedule. Try it. It you start hurting, stop. But otherwise, I belive he uses a good mix of push + recovery. You definitely peak.