Sunday, March 02, 2008

How not to run long distance

Today's long run was supposed to be 'easier' than normal because it would take place during the LA Marathon. A friend of mine would provide fluids at predetermined mile markers. Even with the support, it was a total disaster. I planned on 18, and had to quit at 14 (17 mile marker). I jumped at the three mile mark and started running the first five miles at 7:35 pace; my breathing felt a bit out of sync, but I had hopes to continue at this pace for ten miles, ease up for five and speed up for the last three. My legs did not cooperate. I am not sure if it was the speed work on friday, or the upper respiratory infection I believe I have or just that I am not in shape to run long decently. My longest run during this cycle has been 14 but even those have not felt as 'hard' and I did not have trouble breathing as I did today.

This run does not predict a good result in two weeks, in the Rome marathon; it would be asinine to even attempt a sub-3:30, my original goal. Why sub 3:30? Because the three 'thons I have run in Italy have been sub 3:30 and I would hate to run slower than that, but at this point I have to accept I am not ready; I will take a 3:45, I am that desperate. Argh. Boston will have to be run at substantially slower than I had hoped. Hopefully by then I will be in able to run sub 3:21, but I may be setting myself up for disaster.

On another somewhat related note, there was an event that took place this morning; it was a relay for an LAPD SWAT member who recently became the first casualty since SWAT was created. I happened to catch up to them and as they were carrying a torch, and its fumes were causing me discomfort, I sped up a bit. Right before the 13 mile marker, there were about 50 (wo)men in blue standing right next to each other on the sidewalk. As the torch carrier was a few steps behind me, the (wo)men in blue all stood at attention and proceeded to salute the incoming relay member. This sight caused my skin to immediately get goose bumps. It was quite the sight.

Last week I actually had a good running week. I only ran 36 miles but they were relatively fast. I averaged 7:40 pace. Two of the runs left me quite pleased. One included a five-mile segment ran at 7:08 pace, the other had 3X4X400 with a 60 second standing rest between repeats and they averaged 91 seconds on what I consider a slow dirt track. Alas, today's run brought me back to reality. :-(

Tomorrow I am scheduled to fly to Madrid along with my brother. It will be difficult to run during the trip, but I will attempt to run a few times before the actual marathon. I don't want to bonk as badly as I did today. The moral of the story? Do your long runs... and... make sure they are long enough though. :-)



Anonymous said...

Can you switch to the half (if one is available)? If you can, are you willing to? Just sounds like you're a touch circuit-fried. Rest, however, might really help.

Quinto Sol said...

No. No half. I am beginning to suspect that I have excercise induced asthma.