Thursday, October 25, 2007

I left my soles in the Balkans

There were times that I felt the day would never come, that the day to part would never materialize. That day is approaching quite fast and I am glad it is. 15 months of not being in my turf is TOO long.

You all have made this experience bearable during the past several months. Reading your trials and tribulations, your ups and downs, I lived vicariously through you. I even got inspired to run more than I have ever ran (Thanks Salty).

It all started when I was searching for a discount code for the US Half Mary in San Francisco. I googled it and found Mike's Running-with-Lydiard's blog and I was hooked. I started reading the comments section and 'found' Sempre Libera whom I instantly liked for her incisive writing and for her natural and easy-flowing running form.

While following Sempre, Uptown Girl came up and I had to read all of her posts, and I mean ALL. It took me a while but I did it. Her blog was instrumental in 'cheering' me up when life got insipid and I was feeling down.

I believe next was Chelle and I was so impressed with her progress in the marathon. She had just broken three at Columbus the previous October. It was in the comments section where I found the Salty One and again, I HAD to read ALL of her previous posts as her blog was/is full of witty comments and hilarious observations. Salty, you should write a book one day :-)

Love2Run is a frequent contributor to Running with Lydiard and while looking at his race times, I was instantly envious of SO many that were BQs. Another Canadian, and very astute runner is Fran who makes running a marathon look easy.

There is also Lance, who is in Uptown Girl's links. While Lance tends to write a bit too much about his sexual escapades, his posts make for some entertaining reading. Now, don't get me wrong; I have enjoyed his running related posts; I feel Lance knows quite a bit about running and regularly gives good advice. If anything I think he trains too hard, way too hard.

Ahh, and then there is the Professor who once weighed over 300 lbs and recently was able to race a 5K in the 17:30s. He did not come up with that moniker, I gave it to him. The reason is simple... he teaches English at UofA (better known as 'Bama). His blogspot is actually called Tuscaloosa Runner. This guy, man - this guy knows a LOT about running.

Of course, this post could not exclude Emma who is as hilarious as a person can be. Sure it takes a while for me to read... ONE post y'all. She definitely takes the cake. She is not a runner now, but she may be a cheetah-in-hiding.

To all of you... thank you for bearing with my un-insightful (is that a word?) comments and/or for allowing me to come into your homes. If I ever insulted you because I made a tactless observation, it was because I tend to be too eager to help and I often forget that I am not the best suited to give advice and I apologize for that.

May we get to meet one day... oh and if you're ever in the Los Angeles area, post a comment and when you get there, I'll take you out and I'll buy you a good, tasty, cold ale :-) Or, we'll go for a run and then have that ale.


Quinto Sol


Sempre Libera said...

Hey, thanks much for the shout-out and the compliment! I always enjoy your comments. And now that I'm back states-side and catching up on old posts, way to kick that race's butt earlier this month :-)

Fran said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement and the list of interesting blogs to read. I'll have to check them out. I have to say I'll miss reading about your runs and races in eastern Europe since it had an international flavour when you talked about other countries runners!

If I'm ever in LA, I'll definitely take you up on that offer!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the all the links and all the props. So you're coming home, which is great! If you don't mind me asking, why not continue the blog Stateside. Certainly you hang out on the blogosphere and possibly meet a few of us.

Regardless, great to know you. Keep running and have tons of fun.

Cyberly yours,


Uptown Girl said...

Thanks for the shout out:) I, like the rest of the commenters, have enjoyed your posts and if I am in Lala land I'll let you know!

Appletini said...

What a sweet post :) There is nothing like having relationships with people that help get you through the tough times...even if you have never met them.

Thanks for visiting.

The Salty One said...

Aww! I am so glad to have kept you company way over there! And I'm always glad (and surpised) to inspire. I hope you still have some time to comment and give advice, though!

Anyway, welcome back to your turf and I can't wait to hear all about your domestic running and nonrunning exploits!

The Salty One said...

PS I love the pandas on the calendar!!!