Sunday, August 26, 2007

Time flies

It's interesting how time flies. I had not realized it had been over three weeks since I last posted. It all began one day when I received an email from my brother who resides in Guadalajara, Mexico. He tells me that it is time I make amends with the one who provided the seed to create me. You see my father and I have not been in the best of terms for two decades now. Suffice it to say that he was not a good father... to me.

Lo and behold, my current employer went ahead and granted me a leave. So five days after receiving that ominous email I was on my way across the pond to good ol' GDL. The anxiety and what not had kept me from sleeping well for a few days. I did not even run for a whole week. I did try one day and all I managed was 1:17... no, not one hour and 17 minutes, but one minute and 17 seconds; after 77 seconds I stopped and turned around as I just did not feel like running.

Unfortunately there are very few places to run in GDL (the code for the airport in Guadalajara) so not much running opportunities there. I did get to run nine miles in the center of town; you see the powers-that-be close one main street (Juarez) and allow only bicyclists and runners (albeit I saw very few runners out there) to encourage locals to exercise.

Since my dad was released from the hospital just five days after I arrived, I was able to do more running, but nothing worth mentioning, just that I did run 46 miles last week and that I lost quite of bit of fitness in just one week.

As for the estranged relationship with my dad, it remains the same. It is a bit late for me to pretend that nothing happened. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no ill feelings towards him. I did once; for a long time. But I forgave him and went on with my life. However, I just cannot pretend to respect him, much less love him. So why come? I think I came more for my brother who has begged me to mend our relationship... and so it goes.

P.S. A huge congratulations to Lorena Ochoa who looks in good shape to capture her third straight tittle. Which makes me realize that as proud as I am to be an American, I cannot fully let go of the fact that I was born in GDL and often root for Mexico. Go figure.

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Emma said...

I find it so amazing that you are so committed to running. Me, I only run to catch the bus (and by "bus", I mean "Mr. Softee truck").