Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Eternal City

Right next to Fountain of Trevi. I was having a hard time focusing on my pace and I was slowing down a bit too much. I would manage to pick it up a few kms later.

The home stretch. I just needed about a mile to go. I focused on finishing with a decent kick. My all black attire did not help me run nearly as fast as Kanoucchi; but, I can dream, right? :o)

The Colosseum. What more can I say when such a historic icon is the background to one last pick up.

The end of another day at the office. I really like this picture as I am walking away from the finish as if I just completed a pleasurable stroll. Notice two or three finishers on the right are totally spent. I am by far the most relaxed of them all ;-)


E-Speed said...

wow the finish photos are awesome!

Princess Samm-Samm said...

Looking good speed runner! The sights must have been amazing! Forgot how much I miss Rome!

endorphinum said...
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Robert said...

Hello- I hope it's OK I used one picture of you running in Rome on my blog. If not, please contact me and I'll take it down immediately. These pictures have made me think heavily about going to Rome. Thank you.