Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I watched this movie last night. It was a very kinetic movie; my kind of movie. In as much as I'd like to take the Mayan culture as my own, I cannot. One may find traces of their greatness on my skin but that's just about it.

But I digress, as I often do. The movie was extremely interesting as it is seen from the eyes of a Caucasian... not that there is anything wrong with that. The truth is I am not as familiar with the Maya as I should be. I always complained about my fellow MECHA students for claiming to be part of 'la raza' and they did not know the most basic facts about the Mexica... so NOW I will do as much research as the web offers to become acquainted with a timeless culture.

Thinking about the Maya in general, and Mexico in particular, makes me yearn to go back and have some pozole, birria, carne en su jugo, or heck even tacos...

Ohhh, anxiety is setting in as my own Apocalypses will happen but 11 days from now: the Rome marathon. I wonder what my 30 mpw and lack of long runs will produce. Stay tuned... not that anybody reads this blog.

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Bex said...

I read it! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Best of luck in the Rome marathon. We'd love to hear a race report when you get back.